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Dr. Leong presents Ultherapy on KDKA 2.22.2011


What should a patient do if they want to improve their sagging neck, jowl, facial, and brow soft tissue - but they don't want to undergo a surgical procedure because of cost, downtime, or concerns about scars? In the past, certain technologies have promised to help patients with this type of request, but they have generally over-promised and under-delivered. There is now a better answer – the Ulthera® System is now available in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Paul Leong, Pittsburgh facial plastic surgeon, has designed this web site is to provide patients with detailed and up-to-date information about a new and exciting technology now available in Pittsburgh called Ultherapy™. 

This technology has demonstrated impressive results – in fact, it is the only non-invasive, non-surgical device ever to be granted a lifting indication by the FDA. Many patients are unhappy with their sagging jowls, neck, facial, and brow tissue, but are psychologically, financially, or logistically not ready to undergo surgery. Dr. Leong understands this point of view completely – surgery is not the right answer for everyone. In Dr. Leong's opinion, Pittsburgh Ultherapy™ with the Ulthera® System is the first technology that holds the promise of addressing these patient's concerns without undergoing surgery. Dr. Leong is very clear with his Pittsburgh patients that Ulthera® treatment should not be expected to provide results as dramatic as a facelift would. If a patient has very advanced sagging of their facial tissues, it is unlikely that Ulthera® treatment will provide enough lift to be fully satisfying. However, for the patient with moderate sagging of their neck, jowl, and brow tissue, who does not want to undergo a facelift or minilift, Ultherapy™ can be an outstanding option. Another potentially excellent candidate for Pittsburgh Ulthera® treatment might be somebody who has undergone a facelift several years ago and has begun to see some return of moderate laxity in their neck, jowls, or brow.


Ultherapy™ has been approved by the FDA for browlifting, and Dr. Leong also uses Ultherapy™ in Pittsburgh to treat the face and neck.  Exciting new applications of Ultherapy™ are being developed to treat areas of the body such as the upper arms and the inner part of the knees, and we are starting to use Pittsburgh Ulthera® treatments in these areas.


As described in greater detail in this site, Ultherapy™ uses ultrasound energy to both visualize the deep layers of the facial soft tissue and then create rows of tiny thermal injury zones below the level of the skin.  These thermal injury zones encourage the formation of new collagen which leads to the tightening and lifting of the soft tissue.  Ultherapy™ is neither a laser, injectable, or “minimally invasive” surgical procedure.  Rather, Ultherapy™ is a novel use of tried and true ultrasound – the same technology that has been trusted by pregnant mothers for decades.  Because the ultrasound energy treats the tissue below the level of the skin, Ultherapy™ is a truly lunch-time procedure.  In some patients there is very subtle redness and very minor swelling, but the great majority of patients have essentially zero downtime. 


For Pittsburgh Ultherapy™, like any new technique or technology in the cosmetic industry, it is important that you understand as much as you possible about your choices before you decide on any treatment.  Dr. Leong has created this site to provide you with detailed information about this exciting approach to facial rejuvenation.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation at our three Pittsburgh area offices. 




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